I love the aesthetic of the image, both moving and frozen, but above all I’m interested in the story
behind the image, the narrative. What I love most about my job is finding myself in unpredictable
situations, unexpected places, with people I have never met before. The challenge lies in connecting
to the people, objects or places I photograph - and I believe that this is my main strength.
Within my pictures I like to create a world where things are not necessarily what they seem,
as this is my belief about the world that surrounds us.
Therefore, I am greatly influenced and inspired by film and its illusionary world.

Although I have worked in many different fields of photography, my main focus lies with portraits
and travel photography right now. My portfolio exists of commissioned work, as well as personal projects.

Clients a.o.:
Bouwformatie, Bruna, Cocoon Living, Chanel Academy Benelux, ELLE Magazine, Eigen Huis & Interieur,
De Volkskrant, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Frankendael Foundation, Het Parool, Het Rijksmuseum,
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, KeyFilm, NCRV, Nederlands Film Festival,
Rembrandt Vereniging, Soul-Sister, Studio Polder, Uitgeverij BOOM, Wereld Natuur Fonds.

Photo agency: Hollandse Hoogte 

+31 6 41 85 20 26